From Idea to Final Design: An Insight Into Our Creative Process

A great product starts with a great idea. And with us, this idea is based on the ideas of our customers. Today, we want to give you an insight into our design process – from the initial concept sketches to the finished product available in our online store.

Step 1: Inspiration and Initial Concepts

Everything starts with inspiration. Our customers send us examples and design ideas for their team. These initial inspirations form the basis for our design work. We analyze the examples, look at the colors, the patterns, the styles, and then start developing our own concepts based on these templates.

Step 2: Working Out the Details

With the rough concept in mind, we start to work out the details. Precision is required here: from choosing the right color palette to placing the elements to selecting the appropriate fonts – every aspect of the design is carefully planned and considered.

Step 3: Communication and Improvement

A key element in our design process is constant communication with our customers. We always stay in contact to avoid misunderstandings and to ensure that the design meets the wishes and expectations of our customers. Once a draft is ready, we present it to the customer and ask for feedback. Every piece of feedback is valuable and helps us further improve and perfect the design.

Step 4: From Draft to Final Product

Once the design is finalized and we have the green light from our customers, we create the final print file. This file is created in Adobe Illustrator and contains all the information needed for printing the design.

But before we proceed with printing, we switch to another program: Adobe Photoshop. Here we create a mock-up of the product that shows what the finished product will look like. This step is crucial to ensure that the design looks exactly as it should on the physical product.

Step 5: The Finished Product

Once the mock-up is created and approved by us and the customer, the design is ready for production! We upload it to our online store, where it can then be purchased by our customers.

Each of our designs goes through this careful and detailed process. And although it can sometimes be a challenge, we are proud to be able to offer our customers high-quality, unique products that meet their expectations. Because with us, the customer is always at the center.